1. Bullet Simplify

  2. What do all the gorgeous rooms in decorating magazines have in common? Fruit, flowers, and a lack of clutter.

  3. Example Problem: Paper, paper everywhere!

  4. Solution: End paper at the source.

  5. Catalogs & Junk Mail--you can shop online for almost anything you need, so there’s no need for them. Call and request to be removed from mailings.

  6. Bills--most businesses have e-mail statements and on-line payment, so there’s no need for handling paper.

  7. Bullet Organize

  8. Everything in its place & a place for everything. You can only put things away when they have a place to be put away. Organizing is about creating homes for items to dwell.

  9. Example Problem: Frustrated finding a spice every time you cook?

  10. Example Solution: Put them in alphabetical order along the shelf or in a drawer.

  11. Bullet Practice New Routines

  12. A clean home is not about spending a day picking up one thing at a time, but about living a life of cleanly habits one day at a time.

  13. Example Problem: Messy bedroom.

  14. Solution: When you roll out of bed, make your bed. As you undress, put away each article of clothing. This habit means beds are made and clothes are hung up and folded everyday.

  1. Bullet Decorate

  2. Interior decorating is about more than making a home look good. It’s about making you feel good. Consider how you want to feel? What style of decorating would make you feel that way? 

  3. Check out this site for ideas: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/, click the room you’re interested in decorating and see their Ideas and Inspiration.

  4. Example Problem: Difficulty relaxing?

  5. Example Solution: Choose one or two colors that calm you. Gather the decor items you already have in these colors and a neutral color like white, gray, or tan to place in the room. Move items from the room that are not these colors. Buy a few missing pieces in your colors for a fresh look. 

  6. Bullet Change Your Perspective

  7. If a clean, neat home is not enough to motivate you,

  8. what is? Being able to have company over, find things,

  9. relax, bless your spouse, model cleanliness for your teens?

  10. Example Problem: Always cleaning up after your kids?

  11. Solution: Take the time to teach them to clean up after themselves. It will take extra time for about a month, but with occasional reinforcements you will be home free for years. 

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